Let’s Talk About Me

I am a girl who loves a challenge, so I am participating in Womanpulse Blog Crazy 4 Blogging Challenge.

We are in Week 2 which means that I have to tell you 5 Things About Me.

If you want to read, last week’s challenge click here.

Thing 1: I love wine, as a matter of fact I am super relaxed at the moment, after having my after-dinner glass.  I love red wine, I figure I am sweet enough as it is, so red dry will do for me no sweet wine, please.  I

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Let’s Talk About Love

Love languages that is!  Let me tell you a story….A long, long time ago, I went to a single’s retreat, which changed to a marriage retreat at the very last minute.  When I say last minute, I mean that I found out as I was getting into my seat on the bus.  I noticed all the couples holding hands and me being the only one with a kid by my side; my kid.

I whispered to the couple behind me “I thought this was a single’s retreat with sitter services.”

“No hun,



The Crazy 4 Blogging Challenge from a WomanPulse Blog ~ Good Health

I am embarking on another 4 Week Challenge from a  I figured the last one was super fun so why not!

The topic picked for this week is Good Health, and when all I could think of Pizza and Chinese Food, Heidi was kind enough to shed some light on a topic I could discuss.

“Don’t you run?” She asked

“Yeah…I like to flip flop my feet on the track from time to time” I replied.

And voila! After polishing off these bad boys


Taco for dinner

I am now ready to talk about running.




Walking the Steps of Christ Towards the Resurrection

Taken from showing the crucifixion


We have started the Triduum.  It began on the evening of Holy Thursday, and it ends on the night of Easter Sunday.  

We are walking through the steps of Christ, we are becoming like a fly on the wall for those days, reliving, recanting, reenacting the events that happened way back when the world realized that Jesus is the Christ.

Yesterday evening was super sad.  The washing of the feet, the reading of the scriptures, the foreshadowing of Judas’ betrayal, the Last Supper, all brings