Walk the Talk

Listen to Uncle Sam

One thing that gets under my skin is whiners.  Let’s not be a whiner, people.  I hear them everywhere.  Whining about their jobs, their situation, lack of money, their relationships.  You name it, if there is something to cry about, the Professional Whiner will find a way to complain.

What infuriates me the most is when the opportunity to change to do something different is thrown at them, better yet, given to them on a precious gold platter and they don’t take it.


It’s almost as if the



Super Moon


At the start of this New Year, we will see a Super Moon or Wolf Moon.  The Super Moon is a full moon that is orbiting at its very closest point to earth.  This is why the moon seems so super, super huge that is.  Like you can see every crater and probably the US flag if you look closely.  Tonights Supermoon will be 221,559 miles from earth, which is super close.

Why does it get called a Wolf Moon?

Native Americans would call it this because wolfs would howl at



New Years Resolution

Happy New Years!

New Year, New me…BS.  If you scroll through my old posts you will see how I feel about this.  In a nutshell, you don’t need a New Year to change or do better, any day of the week will do.  Nonetheless, is a great symbolism.  January 1, or 1-1, master number 11 for those that know about numerology.  
The thing I want to master this year and for the rest of my life is happiness.

It’s so simple, I just want to be happy.  I want to do less



Drowning in Millennials

A bunch of millennials taking a selfie

What’s going on with this participation medal generation? The Millennials are all grown up and causing absolute havoc.  You’ve seen them out and about.  When they are little they were those children slapping their moms, yelling at them and telling them what they are or are not going to do.  They do this because they know they are the boss, you as a parent don’t mean anything more than a ticket to free living.

As soon as their precious chubby feet hit the ground,



Why Having Girlfriends Matter So Much

At Mystic Grape sans Jade. From left to right: me, Francis, Michaela, Denize

Women empowering women, girl tribe, success group, you name it they are all out there and for good reason; a girl needs another girl to relate to.  In my case, I have four ladies that I can completely relate to.

Meet Michaela, the mean one with the softest of hearts that will stalk your ex with the proficiency of a seasoned P.I.

Jade gets off work in time for face mask time

Meet Denize, the hyper one, she’s like the energizer