Music 4 the Soul

 Super obsessed with this song right now.  I don’t know why some don’t like it…its catchy, nice beat, easy to memorize lyrics, with a little bit of edge <——Sure why not, I'll play it a 1000 times.

Whenever I get my sexy time on again, you better believe this will be playing in the background.  I love the sexual tension on this song and the video as well.  I have not seen the movie <—-don't shoot me! But I devoured the books, they were more than satisfying (wink, wink)

Its just one of those days when I’m playing music and allowing it to meddle with my memories.  Songs for me can drag out a lot of things which I thought I had forgotten, till certain lyrics bring back specific conversations, experiences, people.  Boy this is a good song! I just can’t combine it with wine….

This one is on auto-repeat for me.  It’s amazing how this teen heartthrob’s music  has matured and reached a wider audience.  I love it!

I love Taylor Swift! Pretty much every song she puts out, I love.  Right now this song is the one I’m listening to right now.