The Classic Case of Parent-Pet Separation Anxiety

The Classic Case of Parent-Pet Separation Anxiety

Mr. Lento during happier days

During this joyous Christmas season, I found it hard to leave Mr. Lento and Mr. John behind.  I get it! To some, they are just a cat and a dog but to me they are my children, and I felt a bit of a parent’s guilt leaving them behind.  I had a whole plan set out for them…I went to the vet and had them all up-to-date on their shots, state registration, and found a sitter.  But the longer I thought about the time away, the less I wanted to leave.  It was almost as if Highway 10 was becoming the dreaded dark woods and it was looming all over and around me, and the trees on the side where developing scary faces, jeering at me, showing teeth and telling me not to go.  Scary stuff!

I then added the days of travel in my head, two days there and two days back! I thought about the misery of driving that long, the potential traffic, the hunger, the stopping to fill up and, of course, my furry babies behind and I just thought it was not worth it! When I envisioned myself on the road, which is something that I like to do when I make a plan, I felt a bit helpless, as if something would happen to Mr. Lento and Mr. John and I would be too far away to respond! That right there was my turning point. 
I felt horrible canceling my plans, but it felt as if a weight have been lifted from my shoulders, and I was finally able to breathe.  Now I can look at Mr. Lento and not feel so defensive.  I could have swear those green piercing eyes were accusing me of abandonment and neglect and knew what was going to happen! Not so with happy-go-lucky Mr. John.  Who is just happy to lick my face, sit by me and get any attention and belly rubs I give him; things went unnoticed with him.  But it was the wiser one, Mr. Lento who kept looking at me accusingly, jumping on the counter and just staring….  He didn’t appreciate my plans….and I didn’t blame him. 

But there’s always next year!…But I’ll think I’ll fly instead, much faster getting there and back.  Now off to plan a small and quick Christmas dinner…

XOXO Johanny
Things John hates

Things John hates

This is John.  He is named after an ex.  Why? Because….yes!
John- the dog has issues…I rescued him in Korea from this Dick that was trying to kick him.  When I saw him getting kicked, I enticed him with a Mcdonalds burger (Yes they have McDonalds in Korea only it tastes different) to get him away from the horrible man.  As I grabbed John by the collar that had become part of his matted mane, I gave the animal abuser an evil look.  He said something in Korean, I said “fuck you” in English, put John in the car and sped away.

John came with issues, though.  I noticed that the males he encountered he would get aggressive.  On the contrary, with the ladies is not so bad, he becomes bit aggressive at first but calms down after a while.

Then he has this thing where he must follow me everywhere and be by my side.  Even while I sleep, he’s by my side.  I have tried to break him out of the habit of being my shadow, to no avail.
I don’t mind our sleeping arrangements.  I love it that he cuddles next to me.  What I do mind is his growling when I move, and I happen to touch his tail or his butt.  He goes berserk and growls at me forgetting who I am and tries to snap at my legs, hands or whatever body part that touched him.  As soon as I yell “it’s me John!” he calms down.

I wonder if doggies get rape?  Are they traumatized by it?  Or is this just a sensitive area for every animal?  I have had other dogs, and they have not reacted this way when someone touches their tail or their butt, only John.  The only thing I could equate it to is someone who has been raped or violated and is traumatized by it, so they react aggressively or in fear when someone gets too close.

I have thought about his reaction for quite some time and even did a search on Google to see what is going on with my crazy mutt and nothing popped up.  I resorted to using do my handy dandy water bottle when things get out of hand.  I keep that thing by my bed, and I use it as a behavior adjustment gadget.  Whenever he gets aggressive or growls, I spray him.

Other than that, he also hates shadows, cars, strangers, other dogs, men, lights flickering, ceiling fans…you know the usual.  I still love my paranoid dog!  In my house, we have adjusted to his quirks.  I mean everyone is a little crazy inside, so John can be a little crazy too.