Instilling the Fear of God by Watching The Messengers

Instilling the Fear of God by Watching The Messengers

CW Cancelled show
Promotional Poster for The Messengers

I tell you what the first day of watching this show, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I was seeing shadows.  I felt like a little kid, shutting my eyes really hard and bringing my sheets all the way up to my neck and let’s not forget, not letting the toes hang out.

Not that this was a super scary show but watching it made me very cautious of all the corners and shadows in my house. In the show, the devil is portrayed very close to the depiction in the Bible.  The actor portraying him has the whole temptation and persuasion thing to a science.  You see the Devil cannot kill anyone himself and doesn’t physically force anyone to do anything.  All he does is entice them by pushing certain buttons which motivate the person into doing what he wants them to do.

The Devil trying to get Vera to do his dirty work
On the other side of the fight we have The Messengers, and let me tell you this, the most annoying character at the beginning was the scientist named Vera, who is an atheist.  I tell you what, the day of the start of the apocalypse is not the time to say you don’t believe in it.  Is the time to get with the program and get to work!  And Vera was dragging the whole team down on the first few episodes with all her nagging, doubting, and shit.  Finally, when she came to her senses, I wanted to shout at the screen “I TOLD YOU SO!”

spirit walk, CW show
Vera, has the power to spirit walk

After she got with the program, her friend Craig was next one on my list of who got on my last nerve.  He kept bugging and bugging Vera for full disclosure; asking her what’s going on.  She kept telling him just to focus on finding the meteor rock that someone stole from them.  You know the meteor was the rock that the devil used to land on earth (for reals you have to watch this show), and they were researching it.  Craig wouldn’t reason and kept insisting on knowing everything and trying to squeeze himself with her new group of friends (the other messengers).  
I said to myself, be careful what you asked for because you just may get it.  
Sure enough, Craig got into more trouble that he intended to, but something told me he didn’t mind it so much since he was all googly eyes with Vera.  Poor guy had a broken rib, got taken by the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and beaten.  But hey, he wanted to be part of the team, so he got what he wished.

the messengers
Vera and Craig getting into trouble
Usually, when a show grasps my attention, I immediately research it and the actors.  I look for when the next season is (I hate waiting a long time for the next season), or I look to see if it was canceled.  Unfortunately, The Messengers was canceled because it didn’t garner significant numbers.  The cancellation pissed me off, and it made me think that I had never heard of this show before, so obviously whoever was in charge of the advertising dropped the ball on this one!  Thanks, publicity team! You have one job….
The show had a good ending to the season.  It left me with a lot of questions and wanting to resurrect it from cancellation land.  What’s going to happen to the Messengers? When are they going to figure out that Amy is the Antichrist? How will the Messengers defeat her?  After all, she’s just a little girl reincarnated into the Antichrist. When will Vera realize that her son is an Archangel?  I wished the big wigs at the CW would have kept this one on, and just advertise it some more.

By the way, I watched this show on Hulu since it’s no longer being aired.
Let’s Talk About the Bachelor Ep. 9

Let’s Talk About the Bachelor Ep. 9

Ben is searching for words to break up with her, while Caila is probably thinking ‘This is some bullshit’

The whole time I was watching this episode I kept telling myself “don’t let Caila go, don’t let Caila go” and what does Ben do?!  He lets Caila go.  What I wish to be a fly on the wall inside Ben’s noggin.

The sweetest lady out of the Bachelor sister wives and he lets her go!  He kept saying that Caila has all the qualities that he looks for in a wife, but he just could not say I love you to her once Caila professed her undying love.  I was distraught!  Can’t he see how great she is for him?!  She would have been the joy to his melancholy.  The sunny side up to his scrambled eggs.  ohh Ben, Ben….

Have you guys noticed how Ben does not have a type?  I mean every single one of the last three lady standing looks completely different.  So is safe to say that he’s going for good looks in general and a good heart.  Awe Ben!

Let’s talk about the surprise that Caila had for Ben.  She went over to his suite to surprise him and instead the surprise was on her because Ben thought that it was the best opportunity to dump her.

 I do have to say I was proud of Caila at that moment because she dropped that smile and was able to get to say what she needed to say for her closure.  The girl even got out of the van as it started driving to ask Ben some more questions!  A little psycho move, but I loved it.  You tell him Caila!

I must admit that I started perusing other websites during Jo-Jo’s date, and I just listened to it with half an ear.  I mean I was already mad because Ben told Jo-Jo he loved her too on top of telling Lauren B on the date prior.  That meant that my last favorite lady of the Bachelor; Caila would be gone.  So I was like fuck it, I’ll just listen to it.

I did like how Jo-Jo put that plug in for the “Five Love Languages”.  She’s a ‘Words of Affirmation’ kind of girl she told the camera during her interview.  I want it to shout at the screen “I’m an Acts of Service kind of girl!”.  I can certainly relate, I been reading self-help books too.  She may just be my favorite now…

How cute was it that Ben and Lauren B. got to release baby turtles into the ocean!  You can tell Lauren B. was so into it, and Ben was just happy to make her happy.  I think I puked a little in my mouth.  Ok swallowed it, all good now.

Anywho…isn’t it super awkward how Ben goes on back to back dates?!  I thought the man would have a chance to recharge and reload, but no the producers just give him enough time to roll out of the boom-boom suite and move on to the next date.  Does he even shower before the next date?!

I am super siked about the last episode and final rose.  In the previews, it seems like Ben is freaking out about who to get down on one knee and propose to.  I mean, I would be too if I just told two women that I loved them.  He’s falling into “Dos Mujeres Un Camino”  territory.  It didn’t end well in that telenovela, let’s see how Ben fares.


Let’s Talk About The Bachelor- Episode 4

Let’s Talk About The Bachelor- Episode 4

The face of fear when you think you are going to marry someone you just met

Episode 4

Can I just start off by saying, how cute is Ben on the promotional pictures of the Bachelor!  
Ok now that I got that out of my system let’s talk about #BachelorMonday 
FYI: The twins work out together, I mean use the treadmill together (side eye emoji here).
What is it with Ben’s obsession with flying objects.  Once again his ride is a helicopter that makes a bit of a mess at first.  The messy helicopter landing makes for an awkward moment, but Ben is a suave guy.  He smoothes the mess up with a kiss, which to make things more interesting, all the girls watch.  Sister Wives anyone?
JoJo got a one on one date, and it was the briefest date in history! It didn’t even get a commercial break! Maybe it was too boring for the producers to show the whole thing.  However, there was a red flag that I scoped out right away.  JoJo said that her last relationship happened five months ago, and it ended because of infidelity.  Which made me think who would go to this show knowing that you have trust issues.  Not a smart decision.
Olivia, Olivia, Olivia.  Is a shimmy mess and Ben loved it mainly because she was in a showgirl outfit showing her goodies. Unfortunately, her showmanship lacked talent.  Of course, the ventriloquist pointed this out, and it made her just a tad bit embarrassed, but she laughed it off.  
That is until she goes off in a corner and has a mini panic attack/crying sesh.  Poor Olivia, I guess she thought her looks would magically pull off an incredible performance.  
Since hindsight is always 20/20, Olivia realizes that maybe that was not the right performance to do since Ben may no longer see her as marriage material and we all know in Olivia’s head, Ben is her man already.
Can I just say that Caila is the most normal and sane lady there?  What do you guys think? Do you agree?
What did you guys think about Lauren B questioning herself?  It seems like The Bachelor show is not a comfortable experience for those women that lack confidence or require a ton of attention (I’m looking at you Olivia).  
How about that wedding dress delivered to Becca for her one on one date with Ben?  The 26-year-old virgin deserves a white dress, but she sure isn’t ready to tie the knot, she is freaking out at the beginning!  You could tell on her face that she was panicking till Ben said, “would you marry… other people with me.”  It was like a rush of relieve flooded her face, and she was back to Ol’ Smiley Becca again.  Isn’t love grand?!
Did you guys catch that weird moment when Ben talks about the elephant in the room?  AKA Becca’s hymen?  Well, I’m glad that was thrown out there for the whole world.  Now we know that Becca wishes to wait to share that bond and special moment with someone she sees herself with for the rest of her life, and she promised Ben she was going to feel and not close herself like she did with Chris.  The second time is definitely the charm, right?
Twinning!!! 2 on 1 last minute hometown date just to decide which twin to keep.  Boy Ben has a rough life right?
‘Smooth operator, smooth operator…’ is the soundtrack to the scene where  Ben talks to the twin’s mom to make a decision about who to dump and then does it right at their house in front of them.  Smooth really smooth.  
Everyone say Buh Bye Hailey.  At least now we don’t have to tell them apart or wait for the subtitles to see which one is talking, but most importantly Ben doesn’t have to feel creepy about dating two sisters at the same time.
Then is the very important cocktail party, and Olivia is not the first one to take Ben away, but she does cut off the first lady that does it.  Poor Jen she even talked herself into approaching Ben first and being aggressive, and still Olivia goes in and interrupts them.  Why? Do you ask?  Because she wanted to feel secure and talk about herself to Ben.  Does anyone else think this is the Olivia show?  
Then there is Jubilee, who is so cute during her time with Ben, but I’m going to need her to snap out of it and get some confidence.  Poor Ben is eventually going to get tired of enumerating her attributes just to make her feel better before every rose ceremony.  Toughen up Army girl!
What does it mean when you get called last at the Rose Ceremony?  Does that mean you were an after-thought? Or a maybe choice?
For another goodbye, everyone wave to Amber.  The girl tries, you can’t knock her for trying.  She wants to find the love of her life, and she even went to Bachelor Paradise to do so.  But, to be honest, I didn’t feel these two had a connection.  So good call Ben!
Lastly, the look on Ben’s face after each Rose Ceremony is priceless.  This guy is so sweet that you can tell he feels just as bad as the ladies he has rejected.
Well, till next episode Bachelor fans!  Toodles!