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5 Easy Steps to Harness the Energy of the Super Moon

How to harness the energy from the super moon and start manifesting things into your life
The Super Moon as seen from El Paso, Tx


I’m so full of emotions! Today is a full moon and Super Moon. This is a very rare occurrence and it will be one that we will have to wait for a long time to see again. Flipping through the imaginary pages of the World Wide Web, I found that the next time the moon will be this close is 2034.  So take advantage of this people.

Tonight everything will be magnified X1000, hence why I’m a bag of emotions right now. But setting them aside, I wanted to tell you about what you can do to harness the energy of this very special moon.

I know, I know you are going to say “That’s some new age bullshit” but I’m telling you, it works. Why do you think wolf howl at it, it’s fucking powerful! So this is what I suggest:

(1) Come home today and cleanse yourself. Take a shower and pretend you are taking away all of the negative energy with each scrub. Look at the water coming down from your body and draining down the drain. Imagine these are all those things that you are letting go which don’t help you in life.

(2) Now you are ready! Put on some loose clothing and go outside to bathe yourself in the power of the moon. Take your journal with you. I said journal, not iPad, or iPhone or any other gadget you may have. The moon is old fashion, use pen and paper.

(3) Write down your prayers. What do you want? What are you grateful for? What do you want to see more in your life? Only write down positive things. Now is not the time to concentrate on the negative. Remember the super moon’s energy is powerful, you do not want to attract negative shit just positive. I can’t emphasize enough, write only what you want, don’t be a negative nancy.

(4) Then say that shit out loud! I know super embarrassing but say it either way! You are acknowledging the things that you want, you will do, you want to attract. So say it! Feel every emotion that comes with those words. Take ownership of those words, they are yours, and you are speaking them into existence.

(5) Take a few minutes to meditate on what you said. Then go to sleep. Once in a while look at your prayer and say it out loud before bed.  Watch your dreams come to life.

The Sword that Won the War

I was scrolling through my Instagram while eating breakfast.  I came across Denzel Washington’s speech, where he won the Image Award for outstanding actor in a motion picture.  He said, “If you fall seven times, you get up eight.” He then finished his speech with “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.”This last line punched me in the gut.

Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.  Saying this out loud, reminded me of all those moments when I wanted everything to be so simple. Those times that I will cry and looked at the heavens, asking God why my life couldn’t be easy. “Why was everything so hard?!” I would ask in my moments of desperation.

I also remembered, that just before all of my victories, there was a lot of misery.  It dawned on me that I was breaking walls to get to the other side.  The door was not left ajar, nor the window was left open for me to come thru.  During my most desperate moments, I had to bull doze my way to reach my goal.

Not only do I love Denzel Washington as an actor, but I also love the charisma with which he talks and conveys his testimony. It never fails to keep me engaged and help me to draw inspiration into my own life. It’s true we don’t really grow through ease.  

Like a sword, we are forged by fire, hammered to shape and solidified by ice.In the same way, a sword comes to life, we come into being. The hardships in life mold us, our commitment to getting up every time we fall down shapes us and the consistency of doing this, time and time again, makes us.  Through this hardship, commitment and consistency, we become that sword through which victories are won.