Freedom of Speech

Why do people think it’s okay to be nasty just because they are being honest?

“I’m just being honest though” is the usual reply

“yes, Sheryl but you are also being nasty for no reason”


Or they will defend their views by putting yours down.  This often comes when people talk about religion.  They will put another one down in order to show that theirs is ‘better’.

“Catholics worship Mary, she was no virgin”

“First of all, Paul do your research she is honored because she’s the mother of Jesus. Sorry I can’t provide you with a virgin authenticity certificate”


Or they will belittle you for having a different view than them.

“Trans people are confused they don’t deserve any rights, you are stupid for supporting that shit”

“I was taught to love and respect all, even your bigot self, George”


I’m astounded when I hear it or when someone approaches me with this shit.  I feel like we are in a world big enough where all of our opinions can fit.  If you want to be next to like-minded individuals then be with them and sing kumbaya while fist bumping and agreeing on everything.  But if you find yourself amongst individuals who don’t share your point of view, share it in a respectful manner.  Don’t push it down someone’s throat like a car sales man trying to make a quota.  Don’t insult others who disagree.  Most importantly, if you don’t have nothing nice to say, then keep that shit to yourself.  Take a speech class or something to help you learn how to express yourself effectively and then come back to it.

I’m exhausted with these Internet Ninjas, typing on their keyboard going from forum to forum insulting others just because they think differently.  NEWSFLASH, we are all different!  Our anatomies are so alike but our minds are not.  There is a world in each of our brains.  Mine have a lot of unicorns and rainbows, yours may not.  Or maybe yours do but your unicorns look different than mine.  Does that mean you get to trash my unicorns because they are purple as opposed to pink, NO-DA FUCK-NO Ginna!  All you get to say is “ok, mine are pink” and move the fuck on.

Get over your sense of entitlement, and self-centeredness as if your opinion, is the only one that counts, the only right one, the only that matters.  That’s so fucking lame.

I’m stepping down the podium now, thank you for reading.  Stay nice peoples.