Lets Talk About The Shape of Water


All this weekend I’ve been feeling a bit romantical.  There could not have been a better movie to feed my romantic craving than ‘The Shape of Water’ by Gillermo del Toro.  It’s a mixture of fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and Disney Beauty and the Beast all wrapped up into one movie.  Have I told you, I love the color teal? (as I’m typing on the my teal computer and keyboard), this movie has the sweetest '62 teal Cadillac in it.  The colors in the movie, much like Gillermo del Toro other movie Pan’s Labyrinth have a theme.  In The Shape of Water, is a retro dark with green everything.  This film is like watching moving art, it is entertaining to all senses.

But let’s talk about the movie.  Elisa is a mute who’s best friend is the impossibly funny Octavia Spencer (remember her from the Help and Hidden Figures) who plays Zelda.  They both work as janitors in this government lab that houses this creature who is part merman, part blue lagoon thingy.  Not handsome at all but ‘Merma’ becomes the love interest of Elisa.  Although they don’t communicate with words, she is a mute and he is a merman, they talk through sign language and cute looks.

Ol’ thirsty Elisa, finds the merman attractive, in a way that he (out of all the male creatures in the world) sees her for who she is and finds her complete instead of lacking.  I think merman, fell in love with Elisa because she fed him eggs and played music for him in the lab- or maybe they had interesting conversation through their hands.  I think the latter is correct.

elisa and zelda in the shape of water

Elisa saying fuck you in sign language

Half way thru the story, Elisa finds out that Merman will be killed in order to study his anatomy.  She enlists the help of her neighbor and friend, one of the scientists in the lab (who also happens to be a russian spy) and a disgruntled Zelda.  With many bumps on the road, this motley crew ends up taking Merman away from the lab, and no one knows the wiser, until later.

Sex with merman in the shape of water

underwater sexcapade with Merman

Either way is super sweet how Elisa befriends a creature who is half-way savage and develops such a bond that turns into love.  It’s funny when Elisa confides in Zelda and tells her that she has taken merman’s penis for a spin.  Mind you, Merman looks like there is no penis on him, but according to Elisa, something opens and the penis comes out (watch the movie so you can see the hand gesture).  Good on Elisa, I thought, she can finally stop masturbating.  Poor girl masturbated everyday like clock work, with a timer on so that she’s not late for work.  I say, Merman was heaven sent.

Even in this weirdly conceived love story, love wins at the end.  Its such a beautiful ending when he gives her a kiss underwater and she grows gills.  Mermaid and Merman together 4EVER.

teal heart