Drowning in Millennials

Drowning in Millennials

What’s going on with this participation medal generation? The Millennials are all grown up and causing absolute havoc.  You’ve seen them out and about.  When they are little they were those children slapping their moms, yelling at them and telling them what they are or are not going to do.  They do this because they know they are the boss, you as a parent don’t mean nothing more than a ticket to free living.   
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As soon as their precious chubby feet hit the ground, they were told “good job”, “you are perfect”, “you are number 1” “you are a winner” and a participation medal was given to them.  Yet, none of the accolades that were given was earned, not one.  All they had to do was breath and voila! they were #winning. 
Imagine that?!  Imagine just coming to work…..no, better yet just staying at home breathing and you get paid.  You may say that’s welfare, but the millennials don’t want to fill the paperwork to do it.  That’s too much effort they think, the government should fill it for them.  Why not?  that’s what they deserve, after all, that’s what they’ve been accustomed to.
John F. Kennedy spoke his famous words, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”   Where have these words gone?  Do they still resonate with society? Have they been forgotten? Have we modernized so much that they are now considered antiquated?  
Its so hard to find young people that rise each day, work hard for the sake of earning a place in society and don’t expect things to be given to them.  Where are they?  
Sometimes you find the rare gems here and there, in the news.  A kid does a selfless act, a kid raises money to help a cause.  But those are rare and the exception.  Which is why they find their way to the news.  
I read in the news that El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) parents were complaining that their kids should not be forced to do volunteer work.  That it should not be a requirement for them to graduate high school.  Its just no time they said for 120 volunteer hours completed prior to graduation.  Guess what?  It is no longer a requirement.  It is highly encouraged, but not required.  
Now, these kids have more time to be on social media, X-box, phones, you name it.  Any activity that suits them, because after all why should they give back to the community?  No, the community should give to them.  That’s what they deserve, after all, thats what they are accustomed to.
Parents let’s do better.  We can’t continue to raise these overindulged human beings.  Teaching responsibility, respect, and kindness to a child is the least we can do as a parent.  We owe it to the world to leave it better than what we got.  The way we can do this is by parenting with values that will create a decent human being.  Let’s raise the next Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Bob Hope, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr.  Let’s give this world what it deserves; love and respect.

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