When Wishing Happy Father’s Day to a Single Mom Angers Others

When Wishing Happy Father’s Day to a Single Mom Angers Others

Mother and Son

I have friends that on this special day wish me a Happy Father’s Day. I don’t have nor have I ever had a penis, which makes me biologically a woman, so I am not a man, which means I could not be a father, but I am a single mom. 

You see my then boyfriend and now baby-daddy, decided to call it quits after our son reached the tender age of eight months. Since then my Poosky and I have been partners in crime in this thing called life.  

Which is no big deal.  Life has its ups and downs as everyone knows and although there were times when I wondered if we would make it, we did.  Through grace, faith and cheer stubbornness, we are here with a few scars but happy, healthy and alive.

Nonetheless, I carry that scarlet letter S for single mom and I carry it proudly on my armor. Many of my friends acknowledge that on Father’s Day, which always brings a big smile to my face and for which I am thankful for. Yet I know full well that I am not a Father, I am a mother who wishes to fill every inch of my son’s heart with love. Who prays everyday that maybe, just maybe the absence of my son’s father won’t have negative repercussion on my precious angel. 

However I know that there is and will always be a space for his dad in my son’s heart that no matter how much love I give, I cannot fill.

I know I am not a Father nor do I wish to be one, but I am a single mom raising my son in the absence of one, so if someone wants to wish me a Happy Father’s Day they can and I welcome it.  If someone has a problem with it, I understand their view and respect it. Either way, I will continue to shower my son with love and raise him the best way I can with God by my side.

I am writing this from the spa where I took myself out for a Father’s Day pedicure. To all the great dad’s out there who are involved in their children’s life, Happy Father’s Day. To the single mom’s out there fighting against the world to raise their babies on their own, God bless you, Happy Father’s Day to you too. Smile because everyday carries a reason to be happy.

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