A GIF Story ~ TGIF~ RIP Prince

A GIF Story ~ TGIF~ RIP Prince

I leave work on Friday


Get ready for the club, face beat, really feeling myself


Show up in the club with my crew


Hot guy looks at me


Not so hot guy looks at me


Going back to work on Monday feeling…


Instilling the Fear of God by Watching The Messengers

Instilling the Fear of God by Watching The Messengers

CW Cancelled show
Promotional Poster for The Messengers

I tell you what the first day of watching this show, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I was seeing shadows.  I felt like a little kid, shutting my eyes really hard and bringing my sheets all the way up to my neck and let’s not forget, not letting the toes hang out.

Not that this was a super scary show but watching it made me very cautious of all the corners and shadows in my house. In the show, the devil is portrayed very close to the depiction in the Bible.  The actor portraying him has the whole temptation and persuasion thing to a science.  You see the Devil cannot kill anyone himself and doesn’t physically force anyone to do anything.  All he does is entice them by pushing certain buttons which motivate the person into doing what he wants them to do.

The Devil trying to get Vera to do his dirty work
On the other side of the fight we have The Messengers, and let me tell you this, the most annoying character at the beginning was the scientist named Vera, who is an atheist.  I tell you what, the day of the start of the apocalypse is not the time to say you don’t believe in it.  Is the time to get with the program and get to work!  And Vera was dragging the whole team down on the first few episodes with all her nagging, doubting, and shit.  Finally, when she came to her senses, I wanted to shout at the screen “I TOLD YOU SO!”

spirit walk, CW show
Vera, has the power to spirit walk

After she got with the program, her friend Craig was next one on my list of who got on my last nerve.  He kept bugging and bugging Vera for full disclosure; asking her what’s going on.  She kept telling him just to focus on finding the meteor rock that someone stole from them.  You know the meteor was the rock that the devil used to land on earth (for reals you have to watch this show), and they were researching it.  Craig wouldn’t reason and kept insisting on knowing everything and trying to squeeze himself with her new group of friends (the other messengers).  
I said to myself, be careful what you asked for because you just may get it.  
Sure enough, Craig got into more trouble that he intended to, but something told me he didn’t mind it so much since he was all googly eyes with Vera.  Poor guy had a broken rib, got taken by the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and beaten.  But hey, he wanted to be part of the team, so he got what he wished.

the messengers
Vera and Craig getting into trouble
Usually, when a show grasps my attention, I immediately research it and the actors.  I look for when the next season is (I hate waiting a long time for the next season), or I look to see if it was canceled.  Unfortunately, The Messengers was canceled because it didn’t garner significant numbers.  The cancellation pissed me off, and it made me think that I had never heard of this show before, so obviously whoever was in charge of the advertising dropped the ball on this one!  Thanks, publicity team! You have one job….
The show had a good ending to the season.  It left me with a lot of questions and wanting to resurrect it from cancellation land.  What’s going to happen to the Messengers? When are they going to figure out that Amy is the Antichrist? How will the Messengers defeat her?  After all, she’s just a little girl reincarnated into the Antichrist. When will Vera realize that her son is an Archangel?  I wished the big wigs at the CW would have kept this one on, and just advertise it some more.

By the way, I watched this show on Hulu since it’s no longer being aired.
Sitting Here Thinking Out Loud

Sitting Here Thinking Out Loud

The Queen
The Queen
I’m into the trailblazers, the originals, the one of a kind, the weirdos, the unapologetic, the ones who ran out of fucks and just don’t give a damn, the happy ones who smile while the world frowns on them.The ones who push through the masses and come out as fresh as a newborn.  
Like an alien everyone stares and no one understands.  Only they can understand themselves, and that is ok.
Like a wilted black rose determined to shine and keep shining, even though someone wants to uproot her from her soil, deeming her dead.  But she is not done, she just started. She turned her black petals to a majestic purple, showing her true royal colors.  A queen all along and no one knew, no one had a clue.  
Like a dull rock, beat into the ground, time after time.  Finally to escape from their grasps, a precious stone, a majestic ruby.  Redder than the blood that oozed out from her unhealed scars, the red shine for miles and miles and the world looked with mouths wide opened.  They whispered her name, calling her, asking her about her life, they forget that she was the rock they had pound on the pavement time after time.  No longer a rock but a ruby they were amazed at her true colors and didn’t have a slight clue of the pain that it took to suffer the transformation.  

Like a moth who turned into a butterfly, the cocoon ripping open by the delicate fingers of Mother Nature, God’s light shining through the cracks, revealing her beautiful and majestic wings.  Her wings were like an angel’s only with colors and expanded wider than any other butterfly out there, and everyone stared, and she stared back challenging them to ask her who she was when she had been there all along.
Growing up….a Kidtrepreneur ~ Crazy 4 Blogging Challenge

Growing up….a Kidtrepreneur ~ Crazy 4 Blogging Challenge

Crazy 4 Blogging Challenge from a WomanPulse Blog

Growing up I was kidtrepreneur.  My sister and I were ingenious on how to turn a dollar…or more like a peso into two pesos.  We were the masterminds of the small business network in our Catholic school in the Dominican Republic (Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro).  The Good Idea Fairy landed on our shoulders one day when we noticed how we had an open market for selling homemade treats during recess.  We figured the treat was easy to make; all the ingredients were at home, it was low cost to produce, and we could sell small portions at a price that will more than recoup the cost of the ingredients and labor. 
A kidtrepreneur 
Just like that, we decided to put some time aside after school into cooking a large quantity of the snack and bagging it into individual servings, in preparation for sales.  The very next day our book bags were noticeably heavy from carrying our merchandise along with our books.  We convinced one kid to taste it, he liked it, told others and liked that our business was en Fuego.  Five cents was the agreed upon price for our homemade treat, and we sold each and every one of the bags. We came home feeling so rich that day with our book bags sounding like maracas from all the coins being tossed around as we ran home from school.  
A Dominican Peso
We had money we thought! We felt so elated that we immediately devised a plan to expand our business and add origami toys to our repertoire.  Paper planes, paper flowers, paper guns, you named it, we fold it, shaped it, colored it with our crayons and sold it to other kids in our neighborhood.  I tell you what at the ripe age of 6 and 7, Donald Trump had nothing on us!  We were selling seven days a week and amassing peso after peso in our tin can piggy bank.  
As young children we learned a powerful lesson, how to follow through on a vision, work hard to see it through and then enjoy the fruits of success.  
Flavored condensed milk triangles from the Dominican Republic
With our hard earned money we treated ourselves to bazooka bubble gum, loli-pops, flavored condensed milk triangles, ice cream, pastries, and anything sweet, we could buy that our grandma refused to buy for us.  We were like Leonardo Dicaprio on Wolf on Wall Street, high…on sugar.  We felt the biggest rush ever when we made something out of nothing and earned a profit doing so.  Aghhh….those good ole’ days of being a kidtrepreneur….

Lessons on Optimism from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Lessons on Optimism from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is Netflix TV show that captured my attention the minute I started watching it.  Kimmy is one of the ‘Mole Women’ who was kidnapped and trapped in a bunker for 15 years by a psycho reverend, crazy right?  She was taken when she was still a child and grew up into adulthood in this time warped hole, completely stuck in the 90’s.  I mean she still listens to cassettes, that’s how stuck she is.

When the second season appeared on Netflix, I was more than happy to binge on it during the weekend.  Instead of recapping each and every episode, which I could do…I will rather focus on the lessons of optimism that Kimmy unknowingly displayed.  Besides being kidnapped, possibly raped and deprived of a childhood, Kimmy is an otherwise pretty cheerful, and happy person.  Being a “Mole Woman’ didn’t make her jaded at all. Instead, it made her determined to rediscover herself and live her new life in New York.  
So here are the five things that I learned from Kimmy on being optimistic:
1. Kimmy has a great coping mechanism.  Although Kimmy takes this overboard by not being angry ever.  We could all learn from her when it comes to regulating our emotions.  Kimmy goes to her ‘happy place’ which looks a lot like a Disney movie when she feels anger bubbling up inside of her.  This technique would come in handy, for those of us who fly off the handle or have explosive personalities.  Learning how to go to our ‘happy place’ instead of acting on our emotions right away, helps us to think about our actions and words before they come out and overwhelm us.
2. Kimmy loves to help.  Helping makes Kimmy happy!  We underestimate the power of giving, or we may think that we don’t have the time or the resources to give.  But you would be surprised how little it takes to help someone, and in the end, we not only help the other person but we also help ourselves.  Giving brings happiness to the one who gives as well as the one who receives.
3. Kimmy takes everyone at face value.  That is unless you have a beard like The Reverend, then she may hit you with a phone or put you in an arm lock.  Other than that, Kimmy accepts everyone for who they are.  No ulterior motives, no wondering, no filling in the gaps.  Imagine how nice it will be to accept others plainly for who they are, instead of looking or expecting less than stellar behavior from them.  Imagine how you would feel if someone accepts you exactly for who you are?
4. Kimmy asks for help and others opinions when she needs it.  Granted for the most part Kimmy’s friend’s views and suggestions are usually way off, but at least she is open to listening to them.  When Kimmy feels like she has questions or is lost in a feeling or is perplexed by a situation she is experiencing, she reaches out to her crazy band of friends of help.  Kimmy doesn’t keep her questions to herself or is embarrassed to ask for help; she reaches out to others.  Sometimes the shit that life throws your way is too much, and it’s alright, to reach out to others!
5. Kimmy starts her day happy.  Kimmy is so thankful for her freedom from that bomb shelter that she starts her day excited and happily.  She looks forward to the things she is going to to do and the adventures awaiting her.  I don’t think we have to be stuck in a bomb shelter for 15 years to appreciate the start of a new day.  Let’s start our days like Kimmy!