Walking the Steps of Christ Towards the Resurrection

Walking the Steps of Christ Towards the Resurrection

Taken from Patheos.com showing the crucifixion

We have started the Triduum.  It began on the evening of Holy Thursday, and it ends on the night of Easter Sunday.  
We are walking through the steps of Christ, we are becoming like a fly on the wall for those days, reliving, recanting, reenacting the events that happened way back when the world realized that Jesus is the Christ.
Yesterday evening was super sad.  The washing of the feet, the reading of the scriptures, the foreshadowing of Judas’ betrayal, the Last Supper, all brings about a tragic ending to the teacher and the master that Jesus was to his disciples.  When the priest takes the Eucharist away from its house solemnly walking around the church, with incense covering every square inch, a sad hymn playing in the background, and the procession of people following the body of Christ to it’s temporary resting place for the night, it brings about a deep sense of sadness and melancholy.
On Holy Thursday, Jesus was mocked, beaten and tried unfairly.  The Sanhedrin felt threaten by someone who was of humble birth; that knew way too much about the word of God, and someone who called himself the Son of God and a King (although his kingdom was not of this world).  He was not a king, the Sanhedrin thought.  He didn’t dress like one, didn’t party like one, didn’t behave like one.  This man was an impostor they reasoned! So off to crucifixion for him because his uniqueness, his oneness with God was too much for them to handle.

Jesus being tried, a scene from the Passion of the Christ (2004)

Then we are off to Good Friday.  A day of quietness, repentance, acceptance, of mercy and love.  Jesus is crucified and the temple shakes, the curtain is ruptured in two, and when a lance is used to cut Jesus and verify his death only water and wine pour forth.  “Truly he was the Christ!” The guards admit, but it was too late.  His vestments have been divided and won by casting lots.  A crown of thorns had already been placed on his head; he had already been humiliated in front of the whole town, and he had been put to death.  Surely he was the Christ, and we had made a terrible mistake, they feared.

It is finished, he breathed his last, a scene from the Passion of the Christ (2004)

mary magdelene
Mary Magdelene checking on the tomb

Not so fast,  not all is lost. On Saturday evening and Sunday Morning we will rejoice.  We will run behind Mary Magdelene to the borrowed tomb that Jesus was placed in after his crucifixion.  You see the disciples had to rush on the day of his burial because when Jesus was crucified it was Jewish Preparation Day for the Jewish Passover.  So they borrowed a tomb that had never been used from a secret disciple, wrapped him in burial cloths and spices and laid him there.  But they had to leave to prepare for the Passover, so it was a rushed job.  

he is risen
He is risen!

Mary Magdalene came back to finish what was done and behold the body was gone!  The burial clothes laid neatly on the tomb as if someone had folded them.  She fretted thinking that someone had made a sick joke and taken the body of her Teacher, her Master, The Christ away.  Thinking this, she ran as fast as she could to alert the others and they, of course, came running to verify.  Surely the tomb was empty; Peter confirmed it when he went in.  John followed him in, after standing outside for a few and right away he believed.  It was the resurrection! Jesus is risen!

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