Why I Give Random Compliments to People I Don’t Know

Why I Give Random Compliments to People I Don’t Know

Often I am greeted by a crazy look from a complete stranger when I try to get their attention, then when they hear “I love your shoes”  their frown breaks into a smile.

No I am not looking for more friends or to suck up to anybody, I am just a person who loves to share joy and happiness with others, and I am also NOT A HATER.  I repeat I AM NOT A HATER.  So if your shoes, nail polish, makeup, or hair looks good to me, I am going to tell you that it looks beautiful, and I like it.

Sometimes people would let me smell their perfume or allow me to touch their hair, and I can tell that at that moment they felt happy and appreciated the positive comment.  I know that for a woman it can be difficult to get herself together and out of the house.  Sometimes, we have children, pets, significant others that take most of our energy and time, so getting out of the house with a face beat is an accomplishment! And I am here to be the one who will congratulate you on it.

Jordan Sarah Weather @yourbeautifullife

I find joy in presenting a polish appearance every time I step out of the door, but that wasn’t always possible.  When my little one, was indeed little, this was difficult to accomplish.  One of my nails would be ruined, my toes may be stepped on before being fully dried, my makeup smeared from the greasy, chubby hands that were exploring my face and at times, I could not see through my smudged glasses.  Let’s not even talk about the outfits, that caught the pukes, spit ups and anything my baby found too yucky to keep in his mouth.  Those souvenirs were lodged in my outfit, and I would just need to continue with my day and keep it moving.

Those few times when something just went right I felt so good about myself.  Either my make up was set right, or my hair, and I felt like I just climbed Mount Everest! I was so proud of myself, and I appreciated those who would point this out to me.

In a world when everyone is quick to point out the negative, that one person who points the good is a breath of fresh air!

Since I liked those people, I started to be like them.  I became the one who looks for the good instead of the bad.  The one who sees the perfectly laid hair, and amazing lipstick, instead of the stains, mismatched socks or out of place bobby pins.

You are right; I may never be a fashion editor or anything in the fashion industry because I would think everyone is beautiful and perfect. But, at least, I am a real world cheerleader, spreading compliments to some surprised strangers.

If I don’t see you in person, let me tell you from here “Cute shoes!”


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