Walking the Steps of Christ Towards the Resurrection

Walking the Steps of Christ Towards the Resurrection

Taken from Patheos.com showing the crucifixion

We have started the Triduum.  It began on the evening of Holy Thursday, and it ends on the night of Easter Sunday.  
We are walking through the steps of Christ, we are becoming like a fly on the wall for those days, reliving, recanting, reenacting the events that happened way back when the world realized that Jesus is the Christ.
Yesterday evening was super sad.  The washing of the feet, the reading of the scriptures, the foreshadowing of Judas’ betrayal, the Last Supper, all brings about a tragic ending to the teacher and the master that Jesus was to his disciples.  When the priest takes the Eucharist away from its house solemnly walking around the church, with incense covering every square inch, a sad hymn playing in the background, and the procession of people following the body of Christ to it’s temporary resting place for the night, it brings about a deep sense of sadness and melancholy.
On Holy Thursday, Jesus was mocked, beaten and tried unfairly.  The Sanhedrin felt threaten by someone who was of humble birth; that knew way too much about the word of God, and someone who called himself the Son of God and a King (although his kingdom was not of this world).  He was not a king, the Sanhedrin thought.  He didn’t dress like one, didn’t party like one, didn’t behave like one.  This man was an impostor they reasoned! So off to crucifixion for him because his uniqueness, his oneness with God was too much for them to handle.

Jesus being tried, a scene from the Passion of the Christ (2004)

Then we are off to Good Friday.  A day of quietness, repentance, acceptance, of mercy and love.  Jesus is crucified and the temple shakes, the curtain is ruptured in two, and when a lance is used to cut Jesus and verify his death only water and wine pour forth.  “Truly he was the Christ!” The guards admit, but it was too late.  His vestments have been divided and won by casting lots.  A crown of thorns had already been placed on his head; he had already been humiliated in front of the whole town, and he had been put to death.  Surely he was the Christ, and we had made a terrible mistake, they feared.

It is finished, he breathed his last, a scene from the Passion of the Christ (2004)

mary magdelene
Mary Magdelene checking on the tomb

Not so fast,  not all is lost. On Saturday evening and Sunday Morning we will rejoice.  We will run behind Mary Magdelene to the borrowed tomb that Jesus was placed in after his crucifixion.  You see the disciples had to rush on the day of his burial because when Jesus was crucified it was Jewish Preparation Day for the Jewish Passover.  So they borrowed a tomb that had never been used from a secret disciple, wrapped him in burial cloths and spices and laid him there.  But they had to leave to prepare for the Passover, so it was a rushed job.  

he is risen
He is risen!

Mary Magdalene came back to finish what was done and behold the body was gone!  The burial clothes laid neatly on the tomb as if someone had folded them.  She fretted thinking that someone had made a sick joke and taken the body of her Teacher, her Master, The Christ away.  Thinking this, she ran as fast as she could to alert the others and they, of course, came running to verify.  Surely the tomb was empty; Peter confirmed it when he went in.  John followed him in, after standing outside for a few and right away he believed.  It was the resurrection! Jesus is risen!

Woman Pulse Week 4 Blogging Challenge~ Top Ten List

Woman Pulse Week 4 Blogging Challenge~ Top Ten List

blogging challenge
WomanPulse Week 4 Blogging Challenge

Last week of the blogging challenge from Woman Pulse, let’s finish it with a bang!

I don’t usually watch a movie twice, once I watch it, I don’t watch it again.  These movies on my top ten are the exception; I can watch them over and over and over and not get tired of them.

whitney houston and kevin costner
10. The Bodyguard (1992) The forbidden attraction between the bodyguard and the singer, the songs, the suspense in the cabin, and Whiney Houston’s incredible voice in the song ‘I will always love you, makes this movie one of my all time favorites.  It never fails towards the end; I pretend I can sing and ruin the beautiful song.
John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
9. Grease (1978) An outcast that becomes part of the Pink Ladies that falls in love with the cool bad boy, while surrounded by high school drama in the 50’s is my idea of a perfect Friday night.  If only I could go back in time and wear my pom-pom skirt and oxford shoes…but then they didn’t have cell phones or women’s rights….so never mind.

demi moore and Patrick Swayze

8. Ghost (1990) This movie has the best, I repeat the best foreplay scene ever! That pottery scene could make anyone melt.  When that disc starts to play ‘Unchained Melody’ and Sam comes down and plays in the pottery mud with Molly, I die…slowly.
Honey I shrunk the kids7. Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (1992) I love, love this movie.  It’s my favorite one in the series because the baby is so cute and he causes adorable mayhem in Vegas while having his brother and friend in his front pocket.  Cuteness overload for sure!
julia roberts, richard gere
6. Pretty Woman (1990) Damn it when I saw that a prostitute could get ahead in life in this movie, I knew that everything was possible in America!  This movie depicts the true American Dream from an escort’s point of view.  Also, in true Telenovela fashion, the poor girl gets the rich guy.  Luvs it!
Atreyu5. The NeverEnding Story (1984) This futuristic reading of a real life on-going story, blew my mind when I first saw it.  The moral of the story of perseverance and following one’s dreams still hold true to me today.  I love the message so much that I bought this movie and passed it on to my son.  So now the story will never end!

jennifer grey, patrick swayze4. Dirty Dancing (1987)  The Greaser does not deserve the girl, but the girl wants the boy, and the boy does not wish to ruin the girl.  Ugh, the drama, the tension, the dancing scenes….I can watch this one on repeat all day Saturday.  This movie never fails to get my feet tapping and my hips shaking….let’s do the mambo!
shark attacks3. Jaws (1975) I still scream every time that mechanical shark jumps from the ocean to bite someone! This movie is terrifying and has me yelling at the screen every time I watch it.  Get in the water if you want to…this movie it’s definitely a classic.

Drew Barrimore

2. E.T (1982) Poor little alien found himself on earth and all he wanted to do was go back home.  It’s a good thing he found some good human friends to help him get there.  The scene were the scientists take him away to run tests on him, still tugs at my heart strings and I get a bit teary eyed.  But the happy ending makes my angst all worthwhile.

1. Beauty and the Beast (1991) Now this was the first movie that I saw when I came to the U.S. , and I will never forget it! I love to read books and have always kept my nose deep in books, escaping into the stories that I read much like Belle when she goes around the Ville stuck in her book.  To see a protagonist that likes books just like me and can look past physical appearance and fall in love with the person was everything that I was and am.  I related and still relate to Belle till this day and this is why this will always be my number one.

What I Learned Today Was…

What I Learned Today Was…

The Joy of Learning

I am a big believer that every day one can learn something new and should strive to do so.  I am currently reading or more like listening (I love audibles!) to The Power of Now.  I have been putting it on repeat for a couple of weeks already.  I think I have listened to the whole book four times thus far on my commute to and from work.

Enlightenment, guru
Those times that I listened to the entire book, over and over I lost some information, either I was distracted or multitasking.  So I decided to listen to each chapter separately a few times, till I grasp the concept in that chapter and then move on to the next one (Great idea Mr. SugarPuffs).  

Disclaimer: I admit that my first two times listening to this book was overwhelming because it was a lot of information given at once and the author talks about things that are contradicting to the traditional way of thinking, so I put it aside for a few days.  This guy was telling me to stop thinking! And I love to think!  I literally live inside my head.  
After I had got over my hissy fit, I started to listen to the book again and use the chapter by chapter method, employed by the wise Mr. SugarPuffs.  Today Chapter Two and I are entirely exclusive.  After going steady for the last six hours, my light bulb went on, and I had my AHA moment.  I now understand why it is not a good thing to live inside my head.  
Lesson: When we think and identify with our thoughts, we use the concept of time.  Our past gives us a sense of identity, and our future provides us with a sense of urgency and direction.  Most of the time our heads are filled with memories and desires.  Each representing past and future.  
When we are stuck in either of these extremes, we fail to be in the present, which is, after all, the most important time of all.  The past is gone, and the future hasn’t arrived, so the present is all we have.  Don’t get me wrong, the past and the future are important concepts to grasp, and we need to use them from time to time, but we use them more than we need.  When we do this, we create and house counterproductive emotions that keep us from being present.  

Living in the past and the future can become like a crutch for some people when they start identifying themselves with those thoughts.  Once the identification is given, we are giving those irrelevant moments (the past and the future) importance, and we allow them to take us away from the present or the Now as Eckhart Tolle calls it.
My experiment: I tried to work that concept this morning because my mind kept wandering back in time.  So I decided to dissociate myself from that memory since after all is gone.  At that moment I realized that the perfect time is now, the day was perfect now, I am healthy now, and the traffic was smooth now, so why not be happy now.  I let go of that memory and lived in that very moment when I was driving home from work, and it was the best commute I ever had!
Conclusion: I get it now.  My aimless thinking was getting in the way of relishing in the present, and I was allowing myself to become my past as if I hadn’t evolved from those experiences.  When I do that, I am opening the door for old counterproductive emotions to regurgitate which will keep me away from living and enjoying my present time.  I learned today to stop thinking so damn much and to become a watcher of my thoughts and not allow myself to identify with them.
Happy National Single Parent Day (March 21)

Happy National Single Parent Day (March 21)

single parent, single mom
My Pooka and I (courtesy of Sandy Sannik)

Someone at work just told me that today was National Single Parent Day.  I was ecstatic to hear this and of course, I had to write about it and tell you all.  My biggest accomplishment in life is being a mother.  Nothing else can compare to that.  With motherhood came single-parenthood for me, almost immediately after having my precious.

I was scared as shit when I found out that I was pregnant and when my baby daddy left me, I definitely shitted my pants at the thought of doing it all on my own.  But I tighten my big girl panties, reached deep down, stopped crying, and got my shit together.  

From that point forth, my son became my motivation, and I was determined to raise him the best way I could and give him enough love to compensate for the absence of the other parent.  Of course, I didn’t know then, or I refused to understand that the other parent is just irreplaceable, but damn it I sure as hell tried.  I became a super mommy! Cape and all at times.  It was my Pooky and I against the world.
Becoming a single parent made me very focused on self-improvement and career progression.  I needed to be better and get paid more so that I could be a good mom and support my baby’s needs.  I was relentless (beast mode turned the fuck on!) and until this day, my baby (no longer a baby) is my motivation and my drive to keep going.  He is the reason I work hard, go to school, get up every morning and do my best.  I know my little man is watching so I cannot falter, I cannot stop because I won’t want him to stop when is his turn to run his household and lead his family.
Happy National Single Parent Day to all the single parents out there!
Welcome to the First Day of Spring

Welcome to the First Day of Spring

First day of spring

The flowers are blooming, the air is not as cold anymore, the birds are chirping and not shivering, and layers are coming off people’s wardrobes.  It’s spring!

But I live in El Paso, so my spring started like two months ago, right after the New Years.
Soon we will see a whole bunch of trees perking up and going from brown to green, along with that we will see and feel high pollen count and the emergence of allergies which will signal this fantastic beginning to the mild temperatures! So get your allergy medications, tissues and eye drops ready peeps!
The colors in our wardrobe will go from browns, grays, and blacks to pastels; such as light greens, blues, pinks and yellow.  We are going to look like an Easter egg with a dress on only way prettier.  I love the spring color palette, is my favorite!  Sometimes I wish I could dress in those colors all year round, but the dark colors overwhelm my light ones which push me to assimilate in mid-winter.

pastel colors
Easter Eggs

Although the losing one hour deal killed me last week, now I feel refresh when I see the sun peeking through my window as I open my eyes in the morning.  It’s something dreary when one gets up and its dark and comes back home and it’s dark; it’s so groundhog day-ish.  Now that I am over losing that extra hour of sleep I can honestly enjoy the benefits that it brings.  Waking up with the sun on my face and enjoying more daylight within the day.
You see during spring the axis of the earth tilts more towards the sun, thus causing the earth to have longer days and the temperature to rise.  The extra sunshine and warmth give the added light and needed temperature for the plants to bloom and grow, which makes for beautiful pictures and fresh fruits and flowers.
temperature rising and flowers blooming
Temperature rising and flowers making an appearance
Little by little barbecue grills will start coming out, and the aroma of grilled meat will filter into most houses in the neighborhood, to the horror of vegans and vegetarians around.  If it gets hotter, the kiddie pools will start making its appearance in the backyards of many homes with kids, and pets who wish to frolic in the water and cool off.
Local Walmarts and Targets have already prepped their shelves with everything pink and pastel as well as that dreaded bathing suit that will be worn in just a few more months from now.  The fruits are being stocked with in-season produces, and the winter clothes are seeing their way to the clearance racks to make room for the short sleeves shirts, shorts, and skirts.
Jumping for joy on spring break
If you go to your local college town, you may see a decline in population as they migrate over to much warmer weather, Cancun anyone? This seasonal migration enables the college students to partake in the naughty festivities that only they can appreciate.  If you happen to be in one of the places of migration, then you will probably notice a rise in young-people population, booze flying off the shelves as well as rental cars and bikes stuffing your streets.

ah, spring is definitely in the air!