Best Personality Blog Award for January 2016

Best Personality Blog Award for January 2016

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I alway knew I had a great personality…. but this just confirms it!  I was awarded Best Personality by The BlogTagAwards reader’s choice.  For reals! check it out here—–> Best Personality Blog Award for January 2016

And here is a screenshot, just to make sure you believe me….

Yup that’s my logo!

And here is my badge!

Because I follow the rules…

I still consider myself very new to the whole blogsphere, and I see myself amassing a loyal reader base and to have constant fresh flow on a weekly base from myself as well as three other contributors within five years.  I want to provide readers with real stories and anecdotes that they can relate to, have a laugh or at the very least, feel good that someone else is going through the same stuff as them.

Thank you so much readers and BlogTagAwards!


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