Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3

“I don’t want to turn you into me; I want to turn you into you.” said Master Shifu to Po.

This message was the central theme of this well put together and written story.  Who was Po?  Was he the son of a panda? The son of a goose?  A student? A teacher?

Po had little time to waste because Kai was on his trail and Po needed to figure out how to master his Chi to defeat Kai, but before he could do this, he needed to find himself.

To find out who he was, Po needed to start from the beginning.  So off he went with his biological father, Li to a hidden Panda Village to learn about his roots.  Unbeknownst to Po, his adoptive father, Mr. Ping hid in his sack and ended up being part of the adventure as well.

The training begins with Po learning how to be a Panda.  He starts by sleeping in, rolling down hills and even eating with his hands and not using any chopsticks.  However, lessons on mastering his Chi don’t materialize and soon Po learns that his biological dad never meant to teach him.  Instead, he was trying to keep him away from danger and save him.

But, Danger is Po’s middle name, and he is mad that his dad took him away when the Valley needed him the most.  So Po starts training on his own to beat Kai.  Tigress (the only member that had not been turned into a jade charm by Kai) finds him and tells him that one person cannot defeat Kai.  Po needs an Army, and sure enough, his dads with the help of all the Panda’s in the village step up to be that Army.

Master Chifu’s words come back to Po when he looked at all the Pandas he was supposed to train.  It dawned on him the meaning behind Master Chifu’s message.  He realized that he doesn’t need to turn them into mini-Po’s he just needs to turn them into a better version of them.

Right away he completely understood what Master Chifu was trying to tell him, and that is to be the best version of you, you can be.  So to train the pandas on Kung Fu, Po played to everyone’s strengths.  Truly a master plan!

Of course, they defeat Kai, but Po had to go all the way to the spirit realm to do that.  His saving grace became his family who mastered their Chi and passed on their strength to Po.  Through the transfer of Chi, Po was able to find the better version of him.  The version that Master Oogway had seen in him from the very beginning; the Dragon Warrior!

When Po embodies a golden dragon in the spirit realm, and kicks Kai’s butt and releases all the Chi’s that Kai had imprisoned into jade charms, was my son’s favorite part.  “See this cool dragon thingy?” Po asked Kai when he embodied his real self.

Finally! Po understood what it meant to be a Dragon Warrior, and he accepted that he was a lot of different things.  He is the son of a Panda.  He is the son of a goose.  He is a student, and he is also a teacher.  When he accepted and understood who he was, his Chi awakened, and he was able to beat Kai once and for all.

Kung Fu Panda 3 has a great message, and that is to be yourself, whatever that is.  The only way to improve is to become a better version of you and not to copy or try to be like someone else.  That my friends is a lesson that all of us should learn.


What I Learned Today at School Was…

What I Learned Today at School Was…

So this spring semester I am taking a marketing course.  Today, in particular, I am trying to understand the consumer motivation.  I find this course to be interesting because it reveals the behind the scenes of capitalism.  

Did you know that women make most of the car buying decisions?  Yes, you read that right, women do.  The automobile industry has hired more women to find out exactly what women want in a car.

So what do women look for when buying a car?

For starters, they do their research.  Women will visit three car dealerships, one more than men before they make their final purchase.

They will compare cars, by visiting car websites, scanning advertisements and reading car comparisons articles.  Women will also take into account personal opinions from people they trust before making a choice.

Women car buyers care more about the interior finishes than the exterior.  They want to feel that the car fits their stature and has ample room for storage.

When looking at safety, women buy into the safety features that will help them survive an accident.  They also look for parking features in a car; that makes parking that bad boy a breeze.

What women don’t look forward to is the dreaded negotiations with the car salesperson.  Research has shown that often time, women take a man with them to seal the deal.

I guess I am a typical woman because all of this I have done when I buy a car.  I don’t look forward to this long and arduous event, and it is why I keep a car till it doesn’t run anymore.

For me, buying a car it’s a long process because I research and shop around for a very long time before making the purchase.  To bypass the negotiations, I come prepared.  I know what I am willing to pay for the car.  No negotiation is needed because I either get what I want or leave and go to another dealership.  Boom!

What did you learn today?

"Not Smiling, Makes me smile" – Kanye West

"Not Smiling, Makes me smile" – Kanye West

Who can get any work done when there is a twitter feud between Kanye and Wiz?  Not this girl!

There I am minding my own business at work not even looking at my cell phone when long and behold my Twitter feed is blazing!

I remind myself, this is why I follow celebrities!  Yeah, it’s the most current and updated celebrity news by the celebrities themselves!  It can’t get any better!

Kanye unloads on Wiz because of a disagreement with Kanye’s new album ‘Waves’.  Kanye went deep on Wiz and wouldn’t let go.  He even told him that if it weren’t for him, Wiz wouldn’t have a child right now.  It hurt me just to read that.

 After like the 20th tweet, Amber had to step in and rescued Wiz because Kanye was on a rampage.  Ms. Rose had to remind Mr. West that sometimes he used to like having his bum-bum played with.  Which, to each its own, but damn, I guess Muva don’t play fair either.

So what did we learn from this?  Don’t throw stones if you live in glass houses.  Both Wiz and Kanye have been with Amber, so for Kanye to try to put Wiz down because he had a kid with the lady, is not very nice.  He should just be grateful he dodge that bullet and continue living it up with the Kardashians.

Wiz shouldn’t be criticizing or throwing jabs at someone who we ALL know makes great music.  This is Kanye’s thing.  He makes great music period.  Accept it, congratulate and move on.  God doesn’t like haters.

It is never classy for a lady to kiss and tell.  Lips should have stayed seal for Amber.  Now everyone is going to be checking under her fingernails.


Let’s Talk About Love and Hip Hop New York

Let’s Talk About Love and Hip Hop New York

The face you make when you realized your wife had an abortion and your long term side chick is carrying your child

Episode 7

Let me first admit that I have been on an LHHNY binge since Christmas break.  I came upon this gem of a show and watched it from the beginning till current.  
A quick catch up, Yandy and Mendeecees are still cashing their checks and laughing all the way to the bank, Rah Ali is a music manager now, Tara is an etiquette coach, Amina is still having that weird cry every time she finds out Peter is lying to her, Peter is still cheating on the two ladies, Cisco is still producing music and trying to date more than one woman at a time, and Rich $ is still CEO of the Creep Squad.
Then we have the new cast members; Cardi B emerging artist and super funny stripper, BBOD rapping duo extraordinaire, Bianca working to have a comeback, Mariahlynn working hard on her NY accent and rapping performance, DJ Self, part-time creep full time DJ, and Remy Ma fresh out of jail and in the show trying really hard not to go back to jail.  Let’s be honest about the last bit, in this show, this is not an easy feat.  I think even the sound check guy gets into a fight.
Let’s start with Remy Ma confessing to Papoose that she is carrying mixed emotions about the guest list for her wedding.  Her stay in jail showed her who her real friends and family are, and some did not make the cut.  I guess she thought she would be getting visits from certain family members and became disappointment and hurt when that did not happen. 
Amina still feels sure about her decision to terminate her pregnancy and is relishing in the fact that Peter is comforting her.  Of course, Peter, when he knows he’s fucked up with either Tara or Amina, becomes attentive and a good ‘D’ to the lady he screwed over.  
For now in this episode, Peter is all up on Amina’s vajayjay till she forgives him and is happy with him again.  After that, he’ll probably go over to Tara.
*Breakup ALERT*  BBOD broke up in the last episode and now each of the girls has different managers.  Lexxy with Rah and Moe with Yandy.  When shit goes downhill with Rah, Lexxy goes see Moe to vent, but Moe reminds her that there is no BBOD anymore.  Which prompts Lexxy to doubt her decision to stay with Rah. 
Cardi B. doing ‘white-people activities’, is the epitome of fancy.
FYI: MariahLynn is not a snow bunny, she’s Puerto Rican. It all makes a lot of sense now.
I get scared when I see the head of the creep squad (Rich $) hanging out with the other good guys.  Bad influence rubs off.  Surprisingly Rich $ give good advice to DJ Self and tells him to continue chasing Yorma and showing her that he has changed his ways.  
Look at Rich giving good advice to the guys! His daughter should come around more often!
Surprise, surprise! Rah pulls out French Montana out of her bag of tricks so Lexxy won’t be mad at her anymore and stick around.
How do you feel about all the faces Peter makes when Tara tells him she’s pregnant?  The struggle is real when the wife aborts and the lover stay pregnant.
Let me just say this, Moe sounds good on that track!  Mic drop.
Then Bianca comes in while Moe is with Yandy in the studio and is like we are back in time when Erica Mena walks in on Olivia singing her track.  This is not going to end well.
I was right it didn’t end well, juice was flying everywhere when Bianca tries to give Moe something to drink haphazardly.  Poor Cardi B, she just got her nails done, she didn’t want to be caught in the middle.
Fat Joe makes a cameo on the episode!!!!  I died!  I love it how he’s putting some fire on Remy Ma so that she can get back in the studio and get back to what she does best; rap.
And with that LHHNY fans, I leave you.
Till next episode!  Tootles!


Let’s Talk About the Bachelor

Let’s Talk About the Bachelor

Amber trying to call Jubilee out, but Ben stands up for her

Episode 3

Now let’s talk about the Bachelor.  Awkward cannot describe this episode enough.  I was covering my eyes in some of the scenes and had to reach for my laptop to talk about it with you guys because I just couldn’t hold back.

First, who was shaking their head when Olivia decided to talk about her ugly toes instead of comforting Ben on what was obviously a very tough time for him.  Self-centered much?

Then why its Jubilee so incredibly nervous on her first one-on-one date with Ben?!  You would think this girl had not gone on a date before.  The problem was not that she was nervous, but that she made some snarky remarks at the house before leaving.  I did not think she was going to come back to the house.  I was telling myself “another one bites the dust” when she left on the helicopter with Ben.  

Thankfully she opened up in the middle of the date and became less nervous and awkward.  She is still a mystery to me and most importantly Ben because she tries so hard not to cry that she ends up not being forthcoming.  Which is okay for now, a little bit of mystery is sexy at first.  I just hope she plans to be an open book a few episodes from now or else is not going to be cute anymore.  

Also, why do the girls gang up on Jubilee during the cocktail party?!  She was doing something very selfless for Ben and was one of a few who came up to him and offer her support during this terrible time for him (Unlike Olivia!), but the girls thought she was disrespectful because she already had a rose.  Being safe till next week and spending time with Ben seem to be a faux-pas in this show.  Even Olivia raised her eyebrow over this.  Mind you she did the same shit last episode; hypocrite much?

During the cocktail party, the pressure from the other girls becomes to be too much for Jubilee, and she goes to the bathroom and ends up crying.  Ben being the stand-up guy that he is, goes over and saves her.  What a Prince Charming!  I swear, sometimes I think this guy is fake.  There is no way someone is that pleasant, relaxed and laid back, but there he is every Monday just being awesome, so I guess he’s real.

Let’s not forget poor Lace, who let her crazy come out too much on the show, and she had to rein herself in.  She realized she needed to work on her to be able to find someone in Ben’s caliber.  What a woman?!  It takes a strong woman to identify her shortcomings, and it takes an even stronger one to do so on national television.

What do you think about this episode?  Are you excited for the next one?!

Till next episode Bachelor fans!