Cool Priest Rides On His Hoverboard During Mass

Cool Priest Rides On His Hoverboard During Mass

 I woke up this morning to some interesting news that I found on NPR.
 Catholic Priest Apologizes For Riding ‘Hoverboard’ During Church Service is an article that talks about Father Albert San Jose’s choice to use a Hoverboard during Mass.
The priest from the Philippines is now suspended by the Diocese of San Pablo because he was not supposed to use the celebration of Mass as “a personal celebration where one can capriciously introduce something to get the attention of the people”, said the Diocese in a statement explaining their decision.

The Diocese explains that “The Eucharist demands utmost respect and reverence,” and they didn’t feel that this was done through the use of a Hoverboard.

Father San Jose has taken the suspension as a time to reflect on his choice and has admitted to being remorseful.

As it was the priest was just trying to gain the people’s attention in a creative way.

And a creative way it was! But unfortunately, the Diocese did not see his innovative method as something to emulate or applaud.

So I ask, what is the line between creativity and disrespect when it comes to worship?

Technology has become and will continue to be a big part of our day to day lives; it is only normal to use it in a way that enhances the way we live.

Bibles are now in digital form, and there’s even an app out there for Catholic confession (I have it, and I use it).  I have even seen people follow the order of the Mass in their tablets, thus allowing technology to help their worship experience.

I don’t see where a priest using a Hoverboard to walk around and sing to the congregation was disrespectful or took away from the service.  He was using modern technology to reach to the younger generation while bringing the word of God to them.

Could it have been distracting to some?  Could it have made some raise their eyebrows in disapproval? Sure but so is the baby that cries non-stop, the cough spells from the lady three pews down and the sounds from the cell phones of those people who forget to turn them off or leave them in their cars before Mass begins.

But that’s life!  We can’t ban those with babies or a common cold from coming, and we definitely cannot force people to leave their cellphones in the car before they come to church.  We just adapt to the situation and keep going.  I don’t see why the priest needed to be suspended.

Apparently, he made a big impression on people worldwide; Mass attendance will go up (at least for a while) in his parish, and young people will probably look at him as someone whom they can talk to and relate.  All sound and positive outcomes.



I know I’m late watching Trainwreck, everyone has seen it, talked about it and are now big fans.  But I’m just getting around to it, so I thought why not?  I was curious to see what all the fuss was about.  I know Amy Schumer is a funny girl who calls it as she sees it, but I had to see how well it will translate on the big screen or more like my computer screen.
The idea of a female character who is a hot mess peeked my interest.  I love to watch a flawed, awkward, yet independent female lead that at the end just makes it all work. Without a doubt, Amy is more than just a bit off and a hot mess, she has deep-seated issues that go back to her childhood when her dad taught her to believe that monogamy is not real.  Her childhood lesson turned Amy into an adult who is afraid of engaging in long-term relationships and its happily and raunchily promiscuous.
The hilariously twisted, racist, raunchy and slutty dialogue is what carries the movie into moments of laughter, smiles, cringe-worthy turns of the head and embarrassed laughs but when the sex scenes take place is when hilarity ensues. These are not ‘The Notebook’ sex scenes, these are painful to watch yet hard to look away scenes that show Amy tip toeing around amorous feelings and the possibility of an emotional connection while having selfish sex with one night stands.
There are two particular sex scenes in the movie that are awkwardly funny and deserve a mention, the one with Steven and the one with Donald, the intern.  John Cena plays Steven and they couldn’t have found the perfect contradiction to play this character.  Steven is a gym rat who is completely unaware of the gay vibes he gives while John Cena is a wrestler who embodies a straight masculine persona.  When Amy asks Steven to talk dirty while having sex, it’s almost too hard to watch because it’s a complete disaster! Although he forewarns Amy that he does not think he can do it, he gives it a shot.  He starts his dirty dialogue by relating sex to nutrition to which Amy disapproves, then to motivational talk that is another no-no from Amy and then finally to Chinese phrases that are an absolute turn off to her.  Amy then prompts him to recall out loud the moment they first met.  Steven gives in to the request and talks about the moment he first laid eyes on Amy and how attracted he was to her.  He explains to Amy that the reason he was attracted to her at that moment was because she looked like a dude from the back and with that thought he climaxes with the funniest of sex sounds.  Steven then goes to the bathroom to chugs water while covering his penis with a face towel and reminds Amy to hydrate.  I particularly appreciate this last scene the most.
I guess they saved the best for last because the last sex scene indeed wins the price.  Being bummed that she had broken up with Aaron, Amy decides to go out to the bar with her co-workers.  She ends up drinking and going home with the intern Donald.  Although intercourse never happens for these two, it’s the foreplay that drives this scene.  It is obvious that Donald has watched way too many porn movies and is trying unsuccessfully to recreate it with Amy.  When he asks Amy to suckle his tits, and she replies with “I don’t have a good angle” as she tries her best to do it, had me dying!  I laughed out loud for a long time.  Next, Donald snorts Adderall from Amy’s forehead as he makes the most annoying sex sounds and explains to her that he has ADHD.  Finally, Amy goes on top and tries to take charge as Donald calls her “daddy,” he explains to Amy that his save word is pineapple, but I don’t think she pays him any mind.  It is obvious that Amy is expecting ‘normal sex’ not some amateur version of S&M, but Donald wants to be hit in the face, and he shows Amy just how hard to do it.  The slap that Donald gives Amy to show her how it’s done provokes her to retaliate.  Amy reacts by punching Donald so hard that she had him yelling PINEAPPLE.  The commotion causes Donald’s mom to barge into the room and yell at Amy for having sex or almost having sex with her sixteen-year-old son.

As with every good story, it must come to an end, and Trainwreck had that nice feel, wrapped in a perfect bow-ending where Amy uses the NY Knicks cheerleaders to profess her love to Aaron.  Of course, her dance moves are not perfect although she nails some of them, and she’s a bit clumsy and out of shape but the effort that she puts into it shows Aaron that she wants to make their relationship work.  On the last song of the routine Amy goes for the grand finale and tries to mimic a Harlem Globetrotter move by jumping on a trampoline, doing a flip, and then dunking the ball.  In a cringe-worthy moment Amy’s efforts don’t give her the air that she needs to make the dunk and after a perfect jump and a flip that gave me the hope that she just might make it, she does a face plant on the mat.  With that embarrassing flop, she shows Aaron that she’s serious and more than willing to make it work with him, and he agrees.

XOXO Johanny

The Curse of the New Years Resolution

The Curse of the New Years Resolution

New Year is almost upon us.  This annual celebration usually brings, booze, countdown kisses, fondling, and sometimes sex, but most importantly it brings resolutions.  For a few months after the NYE celebration many of us start working on those goals but after a few months the work stops, and the goals become once again wishful thinking. I’m sure you guys have seen this phenomenon inside the gym.   On January 2nd (the day after the hangover) the gym is crowded with people who wish to lose weight, and then come March the gym looks like a biblical reaping with most people gone and only a few people left behind.
But why do so many fall off the wagon?  Why do we fall into the ‘NYE Resolution Curse’? According to this NYE many people wish to:
  1. Lose Weight
  2. Get organized
  3. Spend Less, Save More
  4. Enjoy Life to the Fullest
  5. Stay Fit and Healthy
  6. Learn Something Exciting
  7. Quit Smoking
  8. Help Others in Their Dreams
  9. Fall In Love
  10. Spend More Time with Family
 But most will not accomplish these goals and the answer as to why is quite simple; they would fail to make a habit out of their objectives. A goal will not become a habit unless it is ingrained into an automatic mechanism.  To do this one can just swap an unproductive behavior with the desired pattern, like swapping eating a donut for breakfast for an oatmeal with bananas instead. Doesn’t it sound easy?  The trick is to be consistent and develop an automatic behavior.
I read or more like listened to the audible books “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg and  “The Now Habit” by Dr. Neil Fiore.  I read these books to stop my procrastination patterns.  I did this because I noticed myself sabotaging my personal progress by either putting things off or stopping before I completed a goal.  I knew that if I let this go without doing something, it will get out of hand and hinder me from reaching my potential and fulfilling my dreams, and that scared me!
After reading these books, I was able to learn how to curve the unproductive behaviors and change them into productive ones.  I’m not saying I’m perfect and have eradicated all my unproductive ways, but am way better now than two years ago, and will continue to get better while putting into play everything I’ve learned.  
Before reading these books, I had several questions about unproductive patterns of behavior and how to change them.  Now I can answer them. 
a.  Why do we stop?
Because we did not build a habit of it.  To develop a habit it takes time and consistency, your brain needs to learn a new pattern of behavior.  For example, if you want to lose weight, you know that you must eat healthily and exercise.  These are two habits that you must change.  First you must find out why you are not eating healthy, what your triggers are.  Do you eat out of boredom? Frustration? To fit in? Or to socialize?  Once you find what triggers the unproductive behavior, you must plan a way to change the actions of that trigger.  The trigger will not go away, but your actions to it can.   
For example, if your trigger is boredom and you tend to pick up chips as something to do to relieve your boredom, then you need to change the action of eating chips when you get bored.  You can do this by making yourself get up and walk for five minutes, grabbing some water instead, or play a round of solitaire whenever you get bored.  The same with exercising.  You will want to make a habit some form of exercise as soon as you hear your alarm clock go off.  Instead of hitting the snooze button, do five crunches in bed, lunge to the bathroom, or do some jumping jacks as your water warms up in the shower.  Make your brain expect some form of exercise at a particular time till it becomes a habit and you do it automatically.  The whole point is that you would need to change one pattern of behavior for another and continue to do it till the new pattern of behavior is the norm.
b.  What happens if I stop?
All success come with a little bit of failure mixed into it.  The point of these failures is to learn from it.  If you happen to revert to your old habit, look back at your plan and see why that solution did not work.  It could be that you misidentified your trigger or did not put a strong enough solution in place.  Don’t freak out, just go back to the drawing board.  Write it out, draw it out, make a video about it, do something visual so that you can see your previous plan and why it did not work.  This will help you to draw out a new plan without falling into the same mistakes as the previous one.  It could also be that you just need to keep it that same way and that you fell off the wagon out of fear, laziness, inconsistency, whatever.  It’s ok; maybe you needed that kick in the ass-you suck-failure to put that fire in you and make you start again.  If that is the case, just start once more, at least, you are not doing it from the beginning, and your brain is more aware of whats going on and will pick it up faster.  JUST DON’T STOP.
c. How can I motivate myself to do it?
It’s all in your head.  I know you have heard that many times before, or maybe you haven’t heard it at all.  In that case, let me tell you ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD.  In the “Now Habit,” Dr. Fiore makes it point to iterate how one talks to oneself or others when talking about future actions.  Take a moment to listen to yourself talk.  If you say ‘I think,’ ‘I may’, or ‘I have to’ you are either doubting yourself (‘I think,’ ‘I may’) or making yourself do something you don’t want to do (‘I have to’).  If you speak with doubt, your brain will doubt as well, and this will show in your actions.  If you are forcing yourself to do something, your body and mind will find a way to reject it and sabotage that plan.  Instead of saying, “I think I’m going to start my paper today” say “I will write my paper today starting at 8:00 am and start with the introduction”.  The latter is a thought that is positive, determined and has a plan as opposed to the first one that has no plan and no decisiveness into it.  To say, “I have to get up early to do 10 minutes of exercise” is an unproductive thought because you are forcing yourself to get up early.  First, think about why you want to do it.  What about exercising is beneficial to YOU? Think about those benefits and tell yourself instead, “I want to exercise in the mornings because it makes me feel more energize through the day, and it will help me to create a healthy lifestyle’.  But you must want to do it and for this, you must find what’s in it for you.  Realize that YOU decide whether you want to do something or not, when you find the benefits in a goal and remind yourself of this each and every day, you will continue to get up early every morning to have your 10 minutes of exercise because you know how great it will feel afterwards and all the other benefits that YOU will get out of it.
d. I’m intimidated at first, and I can’t start.
Totally normal.  Sometimes our goals can be exciting, fabulous, and scary all at the same time.  You want to do it; you know you must but just starting or finishing it can seem daunting and impossible.  Then break them down into smaller less intimidating goals.  If you want to get organized as the number two most common NYE resolution, and you don’t know where to start, and then start small.  Maybe do your closet first, or if you are like me, and that’s too much I’d start even smaller.  For example to organize my closet I would start with my shirts first, and then shorts, then jeans, and then sweaters, till my whole closet is organized.  Then I tackle another room in the same way till my goal is completed.  At the same time, I have music playing in the background, which makes it fun, and it motivates me to keep going.  I also look at Pinterest at all the clever organizational ideas they have.
e. Any other tips?

Yes!  Share your goals and dreams with someone else.  Make yourself accountable by writing them down, joining a group with the same interest or dragging a friend who is hunting down the same goal to join you in your pursuit.  When you share your goals with someone else, you will be reminded of your promise whenever you are around this person or group of people.  Let the thought of failure, bring the feelings embarrassment, shame, and guilt. I know this sounds horrible, but these feelings will push you to succeed or at the very least to keep trying till you do. 

XOXO Johanny
The Deal Breakers

The Deal Breakers

As explained in one of my previous posts, I have come to the realization that I over-compromised in my last relationship.  Doing this, quickly led to unhappiness, and arguments, which everyone knows if done too often will bring that relationship to a slow and painful death.  To prevent this from happening again, I have come up with my deal breakers.  Those things that I am unwilling to compromise on in a relationship, because they are simply my core values, and I find them necessary.  Maybe we share some of the same!
* I am an early bird, not a night owl.  My sleep cycle is something that has been part of my life since I was a young girl.  Every morning I will wake up to water the garden before going to school.  This routine became my ingrained habit (to wake up early not to water plants).  What some people call the crack of dawn is my usual wake up time.  When I say I slept in, it means I woke up at 6:30 latest 7:00 AM.  I realize that there are not many men out there with the same habit as me.  Most of the men I’ve met are night owls, and I have no problem with that, but I will not be switching my sleep cycle to match the other.  Doing so makes me a crabby human being, and when I wake up late due to lack of sleep, I feel as if I’ve missed out on most of what the day has to offer.
* I don’t want to pay when we go out.  Call me old fashion, but the old “I left my wallet in the car” line just doesn’t do it for me; It’s not sexy.  Although I am not trying to break anyone’s wallet, I do want a man to pay when he takes me out.
* No bigots allowed.  I don’t tolerate someone who tries to put others down or don’t respect others opinion that differ from his own.  I may not like or understand another’s point of view, but I will not insult that group or person because of it.  I expect the same from anyone whom I call my friend or boyfriend.
* Don’t put me down.  If you are my boyfriend or trying to be, you should support and encourage me.  I do the same for those around me, and I want this in return.  The closeness of a relationship does not give someone the right to be hurtfully crude if anything it should challenge them to be honestly kind to that person.  Words can be very harsh and once they are out they cannot be taken back.  
* Have manners because they are sexy.  When we go out, I want to be proud to have you by my side.  When I step out my door, I make sure that I always look, feel and smell my best because the wrapping is the first thing that people see on a gift.  The presence and manners of a man are his calling card, is what people see first.  Holding out the chair, opening doors, walking side by side, chewing with your mouth close are things that are imperative to me, and I’m not willing to compromise on them.  

There you have it!  After much soul-searching, these are the things that I must find in Prince Charming or else he will end up on my ‘Frogs List’.

XOXO Johanny
The 7 Things on my Christmas List

The 7 Things on my Christmas List

Year after year I look underneath my Christmas tree wishing and hoping that Santa would hook a girl up and deliver these to me.  I guess I’ve been naughty, or my letter never reached the North Pole because I have yet to received what I want for Christmas. 
1. A maid for a few hours.  It will be wonderful to have someone come and clean my house one day.  You know how many hours that would save me?!  I would even pay her extra if she stays to fold the clothes and match socks afterwards, but if she just cleans I would be happy.
2.  A meal preparer for a month. I’ll be honest, I don’t like to cook, but I do it because it saves money and it’s healthier than eating out.  If I find a meal preparer underneath my tree one of these years, my whole neighborhood will hear my cry of joy.  To have small Tupperware, perfectly lined up in my fridge with yummy food, separated by day will be a dream come true.
3.  Laser hair removal. I’m Hispanic, should I elaborate further?
4.  Starbucks gift card.  I’m a Starbucks fanatic! I love their chai and their breakfast sandwiches.  Because I don’t meal plan (see #2) I often find myself there for breakfast, plus they offer excellent healthy options.
5.  Textbooks for my next semester.  I’m still chipping away at my degree, and these books are ridiculously expensive!  It’s no wonder students go into debt so much, not only do they have to pay for tuition but the books too.  Even rentals are quite a pricey.
6.  A man. It would be creepy to find a man wrapped with a bow underneath my Christmas tree, but if he has a note from Santa, I would understand.
7.  A gun.  Just in case, the man is not from Santa.