MC the Comet

MC the Comet

You know that saying “when it’s good, is real good and when its bad, it’s the pits” or something along those lines…Well, that’s how I could describe my last relationship.  MC and I were real good when all the stars aligned, but it seemed as if there were more misalignment than alignments in our short interaction.

It was like watching the aftermath of a comet.  All you could see is the beautiful trail of dust but don’t remember well the comet flying through the sky.  MC became my flying comet, just leaving a trail of dust behind and not much else.  

I’m at a loss for words on this relationship, and all I can say is that maybe it was just not meant to be.  We tried very hard but at every angle, we just didn’t click, something about me would tick him off, and something about him would tick me off.  In the end, we weren’t able to compromise or change to appease the other.

This relationship by far has been the most incompatible, and bizarre I’ve experience ever.  

I don’t know why this relationship feels so different from the others.  

I do know that when I turned thirty I made two changes: 

a. I opened myself to other types of guys.  I noticed I had been following a trend, and I wanted to see if maybe it was me choosing the same man over and over that gave me the same results; heartbreak.

b. I stopped putting up with shit.  I stopped saying maybe, possibly or I think once I reached thirty.  It’s either a yes or no now.  I am sure of my answers, and my decision and I am unwilling to go back to them.

Don’t know which one of these is the reason this relationship and breakup were so different. The relationship was short, and the breakup was anti-climatic, but I do have to say, I love my 30’s and dating while older has been a complete blast.

The good news is, that is not yet over, and there are way more frogs out there to kiss.  Off to the next one I say!

XOXO Johanny

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