So How’s Your Experience Been?

So How’s Your Experience Been?

I’ve been asked numerous of times by prospective suitors why I chose Match and what prompted me to use online dating.  This inquiry seems to be the go-to question with the guys who contact me.  

I don’t know if this is their way of getting to know me, gage me or test me, but I always respond with the same: I want to find love, but I’m a bit tired of the conventional process.  
I don’t go out often, so this automatically decreases my chances of getting someone through traditional means.  
With an online dating service, I don’t need to go out to all these different spots to find and choose someone.  Instead, they are all located in this virtual pool, which makes it very convenient for me.
Two months ago, I was told by a friend of mine that a friend of hers found her husband on the site! That got me thinking: ‘Hey maybe this is the route I need to take to meet my special guy!’  
Is like my light bulb turned on and solved that horrible math problem!  
So two days later, I said fuck it! Why not? I let go of my doubts and created my profile.
Immediately, vast amounts of rings, beeps and numbers came out from my phone’s Match App.  Emails, winks, likes, comments, chat request, were compiled on my profile page.  
 I got overwhelmed that first day!  So I took a few breaths, gave it an hour and then went through the lists of winks.  
I winked back at those I thought I would have a lot in common.  
Then I went through the messages…..
At first, I started to have pity conversations with guys that I knew for sure I would not date, they were in their 50’s and 60’s, and I didn’t want to be a snub.
But as I’m folding my laundry, I started thinking about this and thought  ‘hey! I’m not going to lead anyone on’.  This is my experience, and I’m not going to waste it on someone I’m not interested in’.
Right away I message three men telling them in very friendly terms that I was not interested.  
Three down. 
I felt like the Bachelorette, handing out roses to those I liked and gave out virtual goodbye hugs to the guys I did not share an interest with.  
After a round of eliminations, I was left with three guys, which whittle down to two, then to zero.
That was my first day.
Then I spruce up my profile, by answering more prodding questions about my personality, added more photos and just like that; I brought all the boys to the yard!  
I’m in the game again! 
This round, I’m going slower and enjoying the process of chatting and getting to know them through messages, before meeting them in person.  

I know from experience that it takes a while to get truly to know someone, and I’m going to take my time.

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