Drunk texting, done wrong

Drunk texting, done wrong

So I woke up this morning to drops of rain hitting my window, the sound of ocean waves playing on my iPhone’s latest meditation app and my text alerts that I had forgotten to silence before falling sleep.

I knew those texts would not be from a guy because I am utterly and freakishly single, so that only left me with two alternatives work (eww!) or family (too early).  So I opened one eye (not committing to the whole waking up thing) and peeked the phone screen to see a preview and right away I was intrigued 😉

Who could this Tyler be?  And how can Beautiful Tits Gal (BTG) have gotten so desperate that she would repeatedly text the wrong number in search of this Awesome Tyler?

Does he have a super penis that brings about multiple orgasms?  Great that he will buy everyone of her family members houses and erase their debt?  Is he like the nicest guy BTG has ever met?  Or maybe just maybe she could be suffering from a severe case of drunk in love and out of hope.

I feel sorry for BTG I mean should I go on and give her hope?  Or should I just crush her dreams of talking to Awesome Tyler and tell her she has been texting the wrong number or that most likely Awesome Tyler gave her the wrong number after playing with her jugs and having his way with her.

Sorry BTG you will never see Awesome Tyler again.  Is best you count your blessings and be happy for those moments you guys shared and the playtime your jugs got.  Is probably best that you go on searching for greener pasture and find someone who pays attention to not only your jugs but your face, eyes, butt, legs, brains and heart.  The latter two being uber important 😉

BTW- I told her wrong number, tear for BTG 😦

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